Locals Supporting Locals

We are Calgary locals who love to support other local businesses.
We feature Rosso Coffee & several other local breweries.


David Crosby’s dream of opening a quality­ driven, community oriented café came true when Caffe Rosso opened its doors in Ramsay September 2007; Calgary’s newest hidden gem was born. As with any new business venture, challenges and triumphs lay in wait for the future ahead, unknown to Dave who would spend those first six months working every aspect of the shop by himself.

Today under the banner Rosso Coffee Roasters, Dave’s vision has been fully realized with his brother Cole becoming part owner, three cafe locations and over thirty talented and inspiring people in the Rosso family.



Let us gather for mutual benefit. And beer.

Some of the best things happen over beer. Ideas are born, friendships forged, deals struck. Village Brewery began that way too, with friends sharing beers and dreams for a community brewery. A brewery that would support Calgary’s artists and craftspeople. A brewery that would create the excellent ales and lagers our friends and neighbors deserve. It takes a village to raise a beer. And a beer to raise a village.




Did you know Alberta has a motto? It’s “Strong and Free.”

Now that is a bold motto worth toasting.

That’s the spirit we’ve been instilling into Wild Rose since 1996, when we launched our brewery to free ourselves from the tyranny of boring beer.

We make delicious beer in small batches, craft brewed with natural ingredients and the spirit that makes Alberta wild, strong and free.

Problem is, there isn’t enough to go around. Very popular stuff.

Even with the new brewery, we’re guarding the supply, so you can only get it in Alberta (too bad rest of the world).

So if you have a wild side that needs to be satisfied, an independent spirit that thirsts for something different – and you’re in Alberta – then it’s time you explored the wild frontier of beer.


We’re Last Best Brewing & Distilling, Calgary’s most unique brewpub, and the fourth location in the Bearhill Brewing Family of Breweries.

It’s our privilege to be the community liaison for beer, and beer culture, and we don’t take this role lightly. The beers we make are a direct reflection of the values and personalities of you – our customers and our community. We believe that pubs should be hubs that bring people together; a place where we can grow community, and the culture of beer, in a fun and interactive environment.

Our beers are fresh and delicious because we make them in-house using the best ingredients for everything we produce. Which isn’t hard here in Alberta – we are literally surrounded by a sea of barley, making (in our opinion) Calgary the Last Best opportunity for the craft brewing industry and brewers like us.

In fact, Last Best goes all the way back to the turn of the 20th century when the Canadian government launched a campaign called The Last Best West. Its purpose was to populate the western prairies (Calgary) and grow agriculture in Canada. The Laurier administration believed that this area was the Last Best chance in the modern world for homesteaders to lay roots and shape their futures.

We think the accomplishments resulting from the first Last Best initiative have paved the way for the budding craft beer and distilling industries here in Alberta. We honour this historical spirit through our name and our unwavering commitment to making delicious well-crafted beer.


Connect More Corporation was founded in 2013 to promote and enable people to rediscover, find, and strengthen social connections using board games. The Connect More name is inspired by the Connect Four board game. In a technology-driven, portable, and social media driven society it is easy and often convenient to become disconnected and disengaged from your physical surroundings and those immediately around you. Despite these distractions and chaos, meaningful social connections exist and can be cultivated using board games.

Connect More Corporation champions a variety of board game related initiatives that are focused on rewarding socially interactive experiences at the family, community, and corporate levels.


FallCon is a non-profit organization that has presented an annual board game convention in Calgary in the Fall for the past 27 years.  FallCon is a volunteer-run organization, and what began as a yearly weekend of playing board games has expanded in attendance and the number of events we host.  Our latest expansion includes a meetup group called FallCon 365 that presents free board game events open to the public, to promote board gaming in Calgary.  We encourage people to bring their friends and family for a weekend of boardgaming at FallCon, celebrating the best of unplugged gaming.

FallCon’s prime focus is providing you a unique opportunity to experience a wide range of organized, well-run and moderated events.

We recognize that there exists an abundance of games in the marketplace but in keeping with what makes us unique, we narrow the selection to those titles that are:

  • recognized as best in class
  • highly playable and interesting themes
  • fun, challenging and social
  • something that we (the organizers) would want to play ourselves

The variety ranges from “out of print” classics to the “latest and greatest” boardgames and miniature systems. Some are complex but most are easy for anyone to play.

Our secondary focus is creating a friendly and inviting convention. We expect this of our moderators (many who we game with) and together, welcome beginners to join us, learn some new games and develop new (or renew) gaming friends that you can connect with throughout the year.

Are you game?

Artist of the Month: Mackenzie Bedford

Mackenzie Bedford is a local artist originally from Golden BC. She completed her Visual Arts Diploma at Red Deer College, focusing in drawing, painting, and printmaking.

She uses bold colours, patterns and striking portraits to celebrate femininity and empowerment.

She is currently completing her Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in marketing. She works at Pips part time – she might even be your server!

If you have any questions about the work, or possible commissions, you can contact her by email: mackenziebedfordmru@gmail.om


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